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Sundarban Special Package

Sundarban Special Package Tour is the most adventurous Sundarban Tour. The special is here important in all respect. First of all the boat quality is very good you may call it as houseboat. Secondly all the menu we serve in this category is delicious and tasty. Thirdly the route we cover is long and sometimes we run through narrow creeks and rivers. Fourthly every day we travel separate Govt. paid deep forest route which may create a thrilling and adventurous appearance. The more deep we run the more chances may appear for you to spot wildlife. Not only that you may also see different islands with different species of mangroves. Under Sundarban Special Tour category there are other attractive special tour also. Not only that we also serve Sundarban Hilsa Special Tour, Sundarban Puja Special Tour, Sundarban Eid Special Tour and so on. Each special tour has its unique features.

3 Days 3 Nights Special Package


Pick & Drop : Sonakhali / Godkhali / Jharkhali


Max 10 – 15 Persons


7 Spots including 1 Core Area


Everyday Govt. paid deep Forest Route


Delicious Menu


Night Stay : Boat


Per Head Charge @ Rs.7000/- to Rs.8000/-


No Compromise with Quality


Vetki Fish Fry










Deshi Chicken




Amude Fry


More Awaits You

Sundarban Special Tour Menu

Hilsa Special Sundarban Package

Hilsa Special Package Sundarban Tour
Sundarban Hilsa Special Package

2 Nights 3 Days Hilsa Special Package

Hilsa Festival Package Tour to Sundarban

Special Delicious Dishes of Hilsa : Fry Hilsa, Begun Hilsa, Cocoanut Hilsa, Mustard-Hilsa, Bhapa Hilsa, Hilsa-Paturi, Posto-hilsa.

hilsa special menu

Puja Special Package To Sundarban

Puja Special Package

Special Puja Package

Enjoy Sundarban in Daytime and also enjoy rural Traditional Puja pandels at evening by tourist boat and rural paddled van through rural winding muddy way enjoying a beautiful rural quiet, calm and serine nature full of golden corn fielf, kash flowers, huts, domestic animals, chirping birds, ducks floating in canals, lotus blooming in ponds, red Sun setting behind horizon and mingle with rural culture, fair and myth. New feelings and new ecstasy incluiding new charm and new thrills that you have never enjoyed and many more with free.

Kash Flower During Durga Puja Special Package

Sundarban Eid Special Package

Eid Special Package Tour Menu
Eid Special Tour image

Eid Special Tour

2 Nights 3 Days Tour


Pick & Drop : Godkhali/Sonakhali


Journey Start at 12 Noon


Night Stay : Hotel



5 Meals and 5 Tiffins


Menu Consisted of different  delicious items


Rice * Veg Fry * Daal * Veg Curry * Katla * Prawn * Mutton * Chicken * Mutton Biriyani * Fried Rice * Beguni * Chilli-chicklen and More

Eid Menu Simui in Eid Special Package


1st Day : Pakhirala * Bird Island


2nd Day : Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve * Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve * Do-Banki Tiger Reserve


3rd Day : Village Walk * Sajinakhali Island