Sundarban Trip

Sundarban Tour

Important Notes

Important Notes are there only for tourist’s smooth, secure and safe happy journey. As it is Sanctuary so it has a few govt. guidelines. So we request you to read the following important notes carefully before booking. This can help you enjoy your Sundarban Tour and Sundarban Package Tour smoothly. Another important is that the Sundarban saves mankind. Since beginning it is continuously saving us from different waves and natural calamity. At last we must say that “Save Sundarban as it saves mankind”

Always maintain Covid 19 guidelines as per Govt. Of WB.

It is strictly punishable offence if you throw any kind of articles and foodings in forest and river. So please always use Dustbin.

Please you don’t carry any kind of plastic and thermocol and non-biodegradeable items along with you. Because it is punishable offence.

You must carry one authentic ID Proof in original and Xerox during your journey to Sundarban Mangrove Forest.

Any kind of Drug addiction is another important prohibition and punishable offence.

Due to any kind of incident like Engine Breakdown, dirty weather including immediate and recent Govt. Notification we may cancel your journey for your safety and security reason. Mainly because it is beyond our control. For that case we will give you alternate date after consulting.

For any kind of sudden Govt. Notification we can change and postpone your tour route and spots and even your tour. In that case also we will give you alternate date.

For Booking you need to pay  50% in advance. And the rest payment you must pay before the start of journey on first day.

Total amount will not be less even if the number of passengers reduce. And total amount will be increased if the number of passengers increased as per booking.