Sundarban Trip

Sundarban Trip

Sundarban Gallery

Gallery of Sundarban is actually the replica of Sundarban Mangrove Forest. In this forest you can find only natural wildlife. In fact this is the mother land of Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, pigs, ctocodiles, snakes, birds, lizards. All the animals are born and brought up here naturally. Surely the images and videos must display you an overall idea of Sundarban. No doubt its scenic beauty is so beautiful. On the other hand its wild beauty is so dangerous. Its main reason is of course tigers, poisonous snakes and crocodile. The sun rise and sunset must please you with charms that you have never had before. More over the Gallery also represents the way tourists travel in forest. Not only that it also represents the journey through narrow creeks along with wildlife. This is how a person can understand what the Sundarban Forest and sundarban village and social life is about.

Sundarban Bali Has

Actually Sundarban National Park means the co-existence of wildlife in forest as well as in water. This is the main reason we made this Sundarban Gallery. No doubt its riverine tidal beauty must attract tourists. Always there is a changing beauty. When it is high tide you can’t see any beach in forest. And you can feel that the forest is nearly at hand. Whereas in low tide you can find beach and wildlife but you will be far from forest. Surely the co-existence of flora and fauna made sundarban popular. Also noted that the mangrove habitat supports the single largest population of tigers in the world. Most importantly its geographic location is very much important for human being. Because it saves mankind from natural threats.


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