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Sundarban Hilsa Special Package

Sundarban Hilsa Special Package 13 - 15 August 2021

Hilsa Special Package is the most delicious package. The special is here important in all respect. First of all the boat quality is very good you may call it as houseboat. Secondly the hilsa menu we serve in this package is most delicious and tasty. Thirdly the route we cover is long and sometimes we run through narrow creeks and rivers. Fourthly the route we travel is most thrilling and exploring. Surely the route may create a thrilling and adventurous feeling. The more deep we run the more chances may appear for you to spot wildlife. Even you may also see different islands with different species of mangroves under this Sundarban Hilsa Special Package Tour along with wildlife. There are other special tour also. Besides we also serve Sundarban  Special Package Tour, Sundarban Puja Special Tour, Sundarban Eid Special Tour and so on. Each special tour has its unique features.


Hilsa Special Package Sundarban Tour

Hilsa Special Package

Hilsa Special Dish

Day 1

Pick : Godkhali at 8.30 A.M.


Breakfast at 9 AM on the


Expected Boat Journey 11.30 AM


Lunch at 1.30PM : Rice, Salad, Veg Dal, Mixed Veg, Hilsa Fry, Vapoured Hilsa, Posto Hilsa, Chatni, Papad, Sweet


Package Drinking water 


Hotel Check In at 5 PM


Evening Snacks at 6.30 PM with Tea


Dinner at 9.30 PM : Rice, Veg Fry, Dal, Mixed Veg, Hilsa Fry, Mustard Hilsa,
Chatni, Papad & sweet


Night Stay in Hotel (Sharing)

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Hilsa Posto Sundarban Trip

Day 2

Bed Tea at 6.30 AM


Start for Sundarban Mangrove Forest at 8 AM


Breakfast at 8.30 AM


Spot : Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve, Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reservem Dobanki Tiger Reserve & different narrow canals


Lunch  at 1.30PM : Rice, Salad, Veg Fry, Dal, Malai
Hilsa, Mashala Hilsa, Chatni, Papad, Sweet


Package Drinking water


Back to Hotel at 5.30PM


Evening Snacks at 6.30 PM with Tea


Hilsa-Quiz Contest and Local Folk Program from 7PM to 8.30PM


Dinner at 9.30 PM  : Rice/Bread, Dal, Mixed Veg, Hilsa Posto,  Brinjle hilsa,
Chatni, Papad.


Night Stay in Hotel (Sharing)

Day 3

Bed Tea at 6.30 AM


Hotel Check Out at 8 AM


Breakfast at 8.30 AM 


Start for Sajinakhali Island, 8.30 AM by

Lunch at 1.30 PM : Rice, Salad, Veg Fry, Veg Dal, Dahi Hilsa, Hilsa paturi, Chatni, Papad, Sweet


Drinking water : Mineral


Drop Godkhali at 3.00PM

Hilsa Fry Sundarban Special Package

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