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Sundarban Video Gallery must attract you to visit Sundarban National Park. So many things are there to capture by camera. Truly it is very difficult to display all about sundarban nature and wildlife by a few videos. Still we grabbed a few ones for your concern. A vast land of nature is separated by islands. Each island has a separate characteristic. Different mangroves are scattered in different islands. Accordingly different wild animals made their shelter. Even according to seasonal phenomenal they also interchange islands. One should keep eyes minutely towards forest while travelling through creeks and rivers. No animal is kept here but they freely move here there. Another thing is that it is even difficult to predict the time to spot animals. Suddenly they appear and immediately disappears. But all the time you should become attentive for capture. For last 18 years we are doing so with our tourists.

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The more always we take tourists to a different route. Sometimes we also take them to Deep Forest Route and Core Area for better capture. This is the reason tourists became able to grab such videos. Importantly weather is another factor. Mainly winter provides the best weather for watching wild animals. Specifically winter sunny days are the best. Firstly in winter rivers become quiet and calm. No waves are there. Secondly during the day animals come out of forest for sunlight. Thirdly crocodiles also come up to land for taking sunlight. Because sunlight is the only way to get warm feeling. Certainly low tidal situation is unique. As because in low tidal situation land and beach come up from water. The beach is the only place where animals freely move and take water and seek food. According to Calendar Ashtami, Nabami and Dashami are ideal for seeking wildlife in Sundarban.


Way through narrow creeks in Sundarban Mangrove Forest by Tourist Boat 2019 during Puja Package (Dussera)

Posted by Bishnupada Ghosh on Wednesday, 23 October 2019